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Spring 1997

Alan Ira Fleischmann, 42 years old, has been a serious cyclist since 1989, averaging 2500 miles each year. An accountant and freelance writer by profession, he has written books and articles relating to finance, science fiction, humor, and education. He rides a Trek 1420 road bike and a Fuji mountatin bike. He has lived in Connecticut, New York, and Boston, but currently resides in Scott Depot, West Virgnina, which he describes as "You're either goin uphill, or you've got a killer headwind!"

James Johansen has been a serious cyclist since 1992, averaging 3500 miles each year. By profession a multimedia specialist with a Fortune 500 company who currently is in the process of promoting a chain of web based cafes named WebTime_Cafe; he has been mountain bike racing for RidgeRider Bicycles in Fayetteville, West Virginia for the past 3 years. James is published in Dirt Rag mountain bike magazine, front cover (0ctober--Halloween--1995 issue) and in BMW Automobile of North America Club Magazine with articles relating to multimedia and bicycling. He also does web site design consulting in his spare time. He rides a Trek 2300 pro roadbike and races a Cannondale KillerV mountain bike. He has lived in Seattle,Washington, Virginia Beach,Virginia, Monterery,California, and Rockport, Maine. But call Lewisburg (WV) his home away from home, with his girlfriend Jeni and his talking! dog Scooter. You can visit his WEBSITE or e-mail him at

Jim Joyce is the editor and founder of The Bicycle Exchange. He's been meaning to upgrade from his old Falcon for years and he's getting closer and closer to buying a new bike--maybe. He is also a teacher and lives in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Dave Krupa is an avid cyclist and the proprietor of Cycle Sports in Cranberry, Pennsylvania. He is originally from nearby Beaver. Dave "leans toward mountain biking" and sponsors the Cycle Sports (Mt. bike) Racing Team, but "he enjoys all cycling."

Jim Saulters, a.k.a. The Curmudgeon, writes the monthly column, Dirty Thoughts, for the Mountain State Wheeler's Spoke Notes. He likes to "hike, canoe and cross country ski" but his "biggest love is mountain biking." He has been riding off road since 1983 but still likes to ride on the road. He has an 11-year-old road bike and and Schwinn Paramount with a "groupo mongrel" on it. He lives in St. Albans, West Virginia.

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