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Washington Bicycling Hub: Winter '06 Edition
By Charles Pekow  (Hub Archive)
Mr. Pekow, a seasoned DC journalist, provides with unbiased news on legislation and government decisions affecting the bicycling world. 
On-Street Bike Lanes On Mark With Cyclists
Researchers at the University of Minnesota find that, even in a climate known for frosty weather--if you paint it (the road stripe), they will ride.  And if you build other improvements for cyclists, they will use them.

Tolkein's Bicycle Fantasy (Yeah, well, sort of.)
By Chip Haynes
One Bike to rule them all? What if you had to pick just one bike and get rid of the rest? Thank goodness it's fantasy, says our friendly neighborhood cycling essayist, who has 25 bikes (count 'em--25) at home. 

New Cartoons

No Exit  by Andy Singer
Andy is a four-armed, six-legged alien from the planet Neptor. His multiple arms enable him to be a prolific cartoonist, while his huge jaws enable him to capture, crush and consume his favorite foodstuff--Sport Utility Vehicles. His cartoons have been compiled in a book, No Exit, and we are proud to post our very first 'toon from him. Click here

Bonkerz  by Bob LaDrew
Bob is cartoonist extraordinaire for the Delaware Valley Bicycle Club and former editorial cartoonist for the Coatesville (PA) Record. His Bonkerz 'toons are sure to tickle your funny bone. Bob's newest cartoon features two winter cyclists in their own, uh, elements. Click here.

From The (bike)-X-(change) Files:
Time once again for this classic piece from the Ghost of Features Past.
From our Winter '97 Features...
Cold Weather Biking Tips  By Jay T. McCamic

In Case You Missed It...
Exclusive interview with 5-time Tour de France winner, Bernard Hinault

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