Considering Adoption for Your Baby? 

Jim and Paulette Joyce at a local diner.

We would like to introduce ourselves. But before going any further, we want to thank you with all our hearts for considering adoption for your baby. This has to be one of the most difficult decisions any person could ever make in life. You’ve faced incredibly hard choices in recent days and we know the next step is not an easy one either.

We are Paulette and Jim Joyce and we have been happily married for six years. We’ve always known we wanted to be parents, but we’ve always known, too, that it would be through adoption. Paulette has known since she was a young woman that she could not conceive. So adopting a baby has been our dream for many years, and we feel we can give a safe, happy, and loving home to your precious child.

Jim works for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is a teacher of adults and children who are blind. He travels from town to town, mainly teaching them to get around using either a long, white cane, or a guide dog. Paulette is a registered nurse, and has made a career of caring for patients with serious illnesses. We love our work, for sure, but we know that family comes first and we want to be there for our child. Each of us has the flexibility and stability at our workplaces that is good for family life. Paulette, in particular, is planning on spending most of her time on nurturing our child at home, while working a limited schedule.

When not working, we love to take in a Pirates or Steelers game (we actually met at a Pirates game!), as well as biking, camping, fishing or spending a few hours at the local YMCA or bookstore. Jim dabbles in writing and his new book about bicycling will soon be on the shelves of local bookstores.

Work and hobbies are important to us, yes, but family is most important. Jim comes from a large family and Paulette a smaller one. We keep in touch and pay frequent visits with our mothers, who both live about an hour from our home. Our families are very excited and are looking forward to the arrival of a new baby. We have many cousins in the area and they are also very supportive. Paulette has always had a special touch with young children, and she is a favorite “aunt” to all little ones who know her. Jim likes to teach the kids the joys of baseball, football, fishing and even juggling.

Our friends are also a treasured part of our lives. Many of them now have young children and we expect to join them for many fun gatherings. A band of us meets up regularly for acoustic jam sessions, where Jim plays harmonica and guitar. This is a great way to introduce a child to music.

We live in an old-fashioned residential neighborhood northwest of Pittsburgh, and an easy 20-minute ride into downtown. More and more families are moving in. Along the sidewalks, you see plenty of strollers and people walking their dogs—including us, walking our popular, people-loving Shepherd/Collie mix, Callie (not to be outdone by Kitty, our feline friend who stays in the house, and spends his time badgering Callie!). Our dog and cat add so much to our lives and we believe that pets are great for families and young children. Pets will always be part of our household.

We are also fortunate to have a wonderful family just two doors down that has two adopted children, one just a year old. We know they will be a great help to us. Also among our neighbors are a family from China and a mother from the Philippines. It reminds us of the Italian and Polish grandparents we knew when we were kids in the small towns where we both grew up.

Finally, you must know that religion is a central part of our lives and we attend Roman Catholic church regularly. Your child will be raised in a Catholic household with strong values, but will be taught to respect other denominations and religions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We hope that you now have a better picture of us, and of what kind of parents we would make for your child. We respect and admire you for considering adoption. As you plan for your precious child’s future, we hope we can be a key part of it, and we look forward to meeting and talking to you someday soon. We are working hand-in-hand with the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, a respected, licensed adoption agency. Phone them anytime at 412-441-4884, or toll free at 1-800-961-7704.

Jim and Paulette Joyce

Paulette and family friend.   Our pets, Callie and Kitty.   Visiting Niagra Falls.

Jim and his godchild.  Jim and Paulette at home.

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